CV - Bratislav Stajic

CV - Bratislav StajicBratislav Stajić Shihan began his Aikido studies in 1979 and has been actively training since. His substantial professional experience resulted in an original and innovative approach to his teaching. Stajić Sensei currently holds the rank of 9th Dan in Real Aikido and 5th Dan in Aiki Jujutsu.

He is well known for his technical precision and creative execution combined with effective atemi to vital points of the human body and is an expert in self defence against multiple armed opponents.

In his productive career, he has so far organised and led more than 50 domestic (in Serbia and previously former Yugoslavia) as well as international seminars. These include seminars to the Police, Army, Russian Special Quick Response Unit (SOBR), High School for Internal Affairs (Interpol Unit) in Yekaterinburg Russia, Russian Special Forces (MČS) and from 1997 until 2002 he trained the Serbian Ministry of Internal Affairs Special Forces.

Stajić Shihan is a co founder of the following organisations:

-    International Aikido Academy

-    Serbian Aikido Union

- World Centre of Real Aikido;

- Yugoslavia n Aikido Federation;

- Serbian Real Aikido Federation;

- Russia n Real Aikido Federation

He has worked on the popularisation and expansion of Real Aikido. He is responsible for opening and assisting growth and development of a number of clubs/dojos worldwide.

He is a frequent guest on several of the biggest martial arts demonstrations in the world. He is also a technical adviser to a number of clubs and federations.

Throughout his career as an instructor, some of his core qualities have been to selflessly transfer his skills to his students and to show desire for them to succeed.

He has taught a number of high ranking practitioners, some of them currently running their own clubs.

He is a highly regarded instructor and his classes are often visited by many top practitioners from around the world.


1964 He was born in Belgrade on 4th February.

1979 Begins his Aikido studies  on 6th February.

1982 Graduates High School for Electro Engineering.

1984 – 1989 Attended a number of seminars by Kenji Shimitsu Sensei (8th Dan).

1986 Grading for shodan

1989 Attends the international forum Martial Arts of the World: Application in Army, Police and Security self defence.

Obtains Jujutsu instructor licence.

Founded Real Aikido with a group of people in Russia, Yekaterinburg.

1993 Moved to Japan to train under Master Gozo Shioda (10th Dan) at the Yoshinkan Honbu HQ.

1996 Lived in Yekaterinburg (Russia) and taught for 6 months which later proved to be the basis for Real Aikido growth in Russia.

1998 Becomes a Shihan and receives 5th Dan in Aiki Jujutsu.

2003 Visited Moscow for 3 months to demonstrate and propagate Real Aikido.

Awarded “The Best Martial Arts Instructor in the World” certificate from the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Dallas, Texas.

Receives a first category instructor licence for Rukopashnii Boi (Russian hand-to-hand combat)

2004 With a group of Real Aikido practitioners, visits Paris (Bercy Hall) to participate in the biggest Martial Arts exhibition in the world where he plays a prominent part.

2005 In front of the international board of martial arts experts at the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame in Chicago, Illinois, he confirms the rank of 8th Dan in Real Aikido and receives the “Goodwill Ambassador” recognition.

2006 Once again, he is present at the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame in St Luis, Missouri.

2007 Invited as a guest instructor to International Yoshinkan Aikido Seminar in London by David Rubens Sensei (5th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido).

Becomes a member of European Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

2008 Repeats his visit to the annual International Yoshinkan Aikido Seminar in London.

1995 – present As an internationally recognised instructor, he teaches numerous seminars and performs regular gradings in Serbia and abroad.

Today Stajić Shihan continues his development through exchanging experiences with martial arts masters, enjoys the growth of Real Aikido worldwide and continues to make friends throughout the Aikido world.